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Date:   08 May, 2008  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters & rabbits
*10 a.m - 5 p.m (Mon - Sun, except Sat). Dr Sing Kong Yuen. By Appointment Only.

*6 p.m - 10 p.m (Mon - Fri). 10am - 5pm (Sat). Dr Jason Teo. House-
calls available.

Appointment preferred.
Tel: 6254-3326, 9668-6469
Fax: +65 6256 0501

Interesting case studies/pictures

2 well loved fat cats of Singapore neutered by Dr Sing. Toa Payoh Vets  
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1274. Spay and neuter cats at Toa Payoh Vets tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1271 - 1273. Stray dog with conjunctival growths and micro-opthalmia. Pictures not ready yet.
Part of NANAS cattery has an open balcony concept. Toa Payoh Vets Cat house in animal sanctuary, NANAS. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1270. Allergic to your old cat - Is euthanasia the sole option? tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1269. Allergic to your old cat - Is euthanasia the sole option?
Full-time toilet training - success comes early. Toa Payoh Vets. Intact Male PekX, constipation. Rectum with stools diverted. Perineal hernias.Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1268. 4 puppies were paper-trained by 10 weeks of age. How did the Singaporean wife do it? tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1267. Bringing anatomy alive to a young vet student
NANAS for retired racehorses. Toa Payoh Vets Female, 8 years old, dog, large tumour removed. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1266. An Animal Activist saved the swamp dogs from death by lethal Injection. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1265. The Buddhist Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation volunteers saved an old dog from death by infections.
Miniature Schnauzer, natural birth 2 puppies born around midnight. Toa Payoh Vets Not advisable to spay dam when she has puppies. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1264. Dam looks like she has more puppies. Abdominal palpation will be preferred to X-ray. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1263. Breeder wants the dam spayed immediately after birth of 2 pups as she has skin disease. 
Miniature Schnauzer - Caesarean section. 56th day pup unlikely to survive on milk bottle. Are they poodles or not? Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1221.  Severe dehydration from diarrhoea caused death of the puppies which needed 2 more days to be viable.  UPDATE ON APR 20, 2008. The 5th pup is doing well on bottle feeding. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1262. Home-breeder likes the black and white poodle. This colour is not popular with the Singapore puppy buyer.
Correction: Puppy has a dermoid, not a pterygium in the eye. Toa Payoh Vets Intestinal loops seen under the thinned skin in the umbilical hernia. lst Shih Tzu 8 weeks old.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1261. Correction to a 2003 Article: The Shih Tzu puppy has a dermoid, not a pterygium tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes) 1260. A growing umbilical hernia needs to be repaired promptly
Chronic otitis externa, hardened vertical canal, left ear.Old dog. Toa Payoh Vets Chronic otitis externa left ear recur. Lots of bleeding and great pain. Old dog. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1259. Best to present your dog on the date of surgery as advised by your vet. Drug effects wear off if you postpone surgery. tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1258. However, lots of bleeding and intense pain in the left ear. Left eye infected too.
Otitis externa in right ear no longer present. Old dog. Toa Payoh Vets Chronic severe otitis externa. Old 11-year-old dog. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1257. No pain or swelling in the right ear as it is now normal and no longer infected.  tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1229. An old dog with bad smell and eyes with pus every day. What to do? 
Neutering at 6 months will eliminate the male dog's urine-marking urge. Toa Payoh Vets. Neutering at 6 months will eliminate the male dog's urine-marking urge. Toa Payoh Vets.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1256. Lots of cleaning needs to be done as the male dog urine marks the bedroom often.   tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1255. The urine-marking behaviour is seldom tolerated by outsiders.
Neutering at 6 months will eliminate the male dog's urine-marking urge. Toa Payoh Vets. Border Collie swimmer puppy (4th from left) nursed to normal health. Toa Payoh Vets
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1254. Neutering is considered cruel by many young people. However, urine-marking is anti-social. What to do? tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)1253. Beautiful Border Collies  for sale at week 7 by owner. David Ng: tel 9788 0935. "The runt is intelligent. He goes to the paper to eliminate away from the den," the owner said. 

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