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Date:   01 June, 2009
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters & rabbits.
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What neuter the male rabbit?
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Case updated: Jun 1, 2009

In the case of the rabbit, the NEUTER usually resolves the problem of urine spraying or roaming outside to fight with other cats or find mates.  Some cat owners have complained that the uncastrated male cat will leap out of the 2nd floor apartment to go out. 

Neutered rabbits and hamsters live peacefully together although most Singapore owners simply separate two adults when they fight, depriving them of companionship.  Female cats do spray urine too, but not many of them do so.   

A young Singapore rabbit castrated. Sprayed urine in apartment.
The picture (left) shows a young rabbit six hours after NEUTER. The rabbit was castrated as he started spraying urine from his basket.  He was a healthy good sized rabbit much loved by his lady owner but he had to spray urine. He was a good anaesthetic patient. He woke up within five minutes after the gas anaesthesia had been stopped at the conclusion of surgery. The testicle had been removed from each scrotum (red spots between the hind legs) separately, rather than from above the scrotum and behind the penis as in the dog. The wounds are left to heal by themselves. Usually an Elizabeth collar around the neck prevents the rabbit from biting and contaminating the wounds.

RABBIT NEUTER involves gas/injectable anaesthesia. Some owners want the rabbit to be home on the same day. One advantage of neutering your rabbit is that they don't fight and they can live together in a sufficiently large cage and enjoy companionship. 
Male rabbit neutering at Toa Payoh Vets. After anaesthetic, put on operating table.

Pet lovers deem it cruel to let rabbits or hamsters live in solitary confinement when they fight. Neutering may be the answer to peaceful co-existence.  

Very few Singapore rabbit or hamster owners get their rabbits neutered although the procedure will eliminate fighting between adults, bullying by one dominant over the other, breeding of unwanted creatures and urine spraying. Even though they grow up together, male adults do fight and need to be separated. Rabbit abscesses are hard to treat as they have thick walls, unlike dogs. Hamsters do get large abscesses too. 

Rabbit has been neutered and given an antidote injection to wake up faster. Toa Payoh VetsI know of a rabbit who sprays urine at the pre-teen owner when the rabbit was angry but he was spared the surgeon's scalpel as the adult owner objects to the "cruelty" of neutering. Much depends on the owner's tolerance. Usually family members are not too excited about the rabbit given the freedom of the apartment to  spray urine and make the residence smelly.    

NEUTER in the rabbit at Toa Payoh Vets involves general anaesthesia using injections. As rabbits do not vomit, there is no need to withhold food and water twelve hours before surgery, as in the case of the dog and cat.  It is best for the rabbit that it does not suffer from skin disease like dandruff prior to surgery. the cost of anaesthesia and surgery exceeds the purchase price of the ordinary rabbit, it being a "cheap" pet in Singapore.


Thank You and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Sunday, Jan 29, 2006 

Thank you very much Dr Sing for neutering both my rabbits!!

Rabbits - male, female sterilised by Dr Sing. An unexpected e-card from the lady owner.  Toa Payoh VetsThe female XiaoBan is now healing very well and she is very energetic and is really doing very well.

Thank you all of you very much help me convey my thanks to Ms Annie also thanks!

And also Happy Chinese New Year to all of you at Toa Payoh Vets!

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2009 CASE
The pictures below show a male rabbit neutered at Toa Payoh Vets in 2009. The rabbit was given Zoletil 0.1 IM. He dashed about in his crate. He was held gently. After 5 minutes, Domitor 0.1 ml, 27 G needle, IV given via the ear vein. He was anaesthesized. It took around 5 minutes to shave his surgery area. At neutering, he moved as the injectable anaesthesia was not effective due to delays in surgery. I gave isoflurane via gas mask at 5%. My assistant checked the eye blinking refelx. In any case, the gas was given for less than 60 seconds and the rabbit was neutered without any problem.

Rabbit Neuter. Toa Payoh Vets Rabbit Neuter. Toa Payoh Vets
Rabbit Neuter. Toa Payoh Vets Rabbit neutered. Toa Payoh Vets
Rabbit wears an Elizabeth collar after castration. It has skin disease - dandruff An Elizabeth collar may be needed in bigger rabbits after neuter, to prevent self-licking of the wound.

For Neutering Information:
What to do before sending your male cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster for neuter at Toa Payoh Vets

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