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Date:   30 September, 2008

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Case written: Aug 26, 1999. Case updated: Sep 30,2008
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS.

"My mother said white-footed dogs bring back luck to my business. Since I purchased this Boxer puppy, I had some business set backs. The cheque from the this Puppy Seller who bought some goods from me bounced. I got his puppy as a compensation. Now your groomer Mr Lee is asking for $800 to care for this puppy for one month. Two other financial set backs in my business had happened. What do you think Doc?"

"Yes, many older Singaporeans have this belief that the dogs with white feet would bring bad luck", I replied. "We could find another home for this Boxer but nobody would want it presently. You would need to get it treated."

There was a lot of work involved in this case. Some medication and injections would not solve this problem caused by lots of bacteria and mites attacking almost all parts of the body.

The Boxer had mutilated its face by incessant scratching. You could see the deep lines of wounds, as if a scalpel blade had made many incisions. There is a big hole just below the nose on the right side of the face. Worms or maggots crawled out of the hole to breathe.

A strong stench of decaying skin, green pus and clumps of hair matted together. The belly area had thousands of pimples. Those on the face had been scratched forcefully away by the claws, leaving horizontal lines, which gave the puppy a whiskered-look on its face. The legs were all full of pimples and rashes.

The puppy was bought for $500. The groomer wanted $800 for nursing care. It was always dollars and cents for many Singapore dog owners. Groomer Lee  reduced his charges. $500 was all right with the owner.

"But all Boxers have white feet!" exclaimed the Owner. Does that mean that all Boxer Owners suffer financial ruin in their businesses and career?

Would the Boxer be put to sleep? Euthanasia was an option since the cost of treatment would be high due to several reviews required.

Facial pimples? Pimples are all over the body
click directly on photos below to view bigger photos.

  August 17, 1999 Boxer puppy 3 mths old lst day at vet clinic  

 Generalised Pustular Dermatitis
in a Boxer puppy

Aug 21 99. Treatment in progress. Maggots removed, less itchy. Appetite excellent.   Aug 21, 1999. Clipped coat showing widespread pimples

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