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25 December, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Appointments are needed as we may be performing surgeries

Monday to Friday. 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. 
Sat, Sun  &   Public Holidays. 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
Tel:  6254-3326, 9668-6468, 9668-6469
After-office hours, tel 6253-1122
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS 
9.30 am - 12 pm  Mon - Sun & Public Holidays.
orning consultations by appointment.
Consultant Vet at Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery, Yangon, Myanmar
Dr Daniel Sing Zongzheng, BSc, BVMS (Murdoch).
12 pm - 6.30 pm Mon - Fri except Tuesday.
12 pm - 4.30 pm on weekends & Public Holidays
Afternoon consultations by appointment.
Archived Case Studies are at:  Be Kind To Pets
1045. Video: A 10-year-old Jack Russell bites his body
1044. Video: Ear now clean Pt 4
1043. Video: Sedate and treat heart diseased dog Pt 3
1042. Video: Eye and ear infections in a Shih Tzu Pt 2
1041. Video: Recurring eye and ear infections treated 2 months ago Pt 1
1040. Video: A crow breaks a leg Pt 2
1039. Video: A woman rescues a crow with a broken leg Pt 1
1038. Video: A 17-year-old Silkie Terrier has a cauliflower ear Pt 1
1037. Video: A new Malti-poo puppy has kennel cough
1036.Video: Singapore scene. Peninsula Plaza area
1035. Video: A Yangon pug has jaundice
1034. Video: A Yangon puppy has parvovirus
1033. Video: Dr Sing's Visit to Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery on Sat Dec 5, 2015
1032. Video: A Yangon terrier has descemetocoele
1031. Video: A Yangon cross-bred dog has heartworm disease
1030. Video: A 1.5-year-old Yangon pug is restless at night
1029. Video: A 2-month-old Yangon puppy has distemper on testing
1028. Video: A Yangon puppy had positive coronavirus 5 days ago
1027. Video: A smooth Silk Air plane landing in Changi Airport
1026. Video: Silk Air flight back from Yangon to Singapore
1025. Video: Blood collection from the Husky Pt 3
1024. Video: A Siberian Husky pup had seizures Pt 2
1023. Video: A Thai Siberian Husky had seizures Pt 1
1022. Video: A 5-month-old Yangon dog is vaccinated for rabies
1021. Video: A 3-year-old standard poodle in Yangon is vaccinated yearly.
1020. Video: A young Yangon puppy had fractured both legs after a vehicle accident
1019. Video: A young Yangon puppy has kennel cough
1018. Video: A Yangon cat is given IV drip Pt 3
1017. Video: A Yangon cat ate a lizard Pt 2
1016. Video: A Yangon cat is sick after eating a lizard Pt 1
1015. Video: A young poodle has a lick granuloma. Treatment
1014. Video: Pee tray toilet training of 2-year-old dogs not practical
1013. Video: A small swelling on the operation area 13 days after spay
1012. Video: 4 Bull Terrier X Border Collie pups. Pt 2
1011. Video: A first-time 4-year-old Bull Terrier had Caesarean section Pt 1
1010. Video: An 11-year-old cat has a large nasal bridge tumour
1009. Video: A cat has facial abscess drained, in a straight jacket
1008. Video: A terrapin has 2 swollen eyes recently
1007. Video: Cat. Bladder unblocked. Irrigated Pt 11
1006. Video: Cat. Urine collection Pt 10
1005. Video: Cat - urinary tract catherisation to unblock the bladder.. Urethral plug massaged out. Pt 9
1004. Video: Cat has small bladder stones Pt 8
1003. Video: Cat X-rayed Pt 7. No large bladder stones
1002. Video: Cat X-rayed Pt 6
1001. Video: Cat X-rayed Pt 5
1000. Video: Cat X-rayed Pt 4
999. Video: Blocked bladder cat X-rayed Pt 3
998. Video: A male cat has blocked bladder Pt 2
997. Video: A male cat has blocked bladder again Pt 1
996. Video: A 10-year-old female cat has urinary tract infection Pt 2
995. Video: A 10-year-old female cat has frequent bloody urination Pt 1
994.Video: A guinea pig has molar spur Pt 2
993. Video: A very thin guinea pig has overgrown front teeth and lower right molar spur Pt 1
992A. Blog: A screw inside the pug's stomach
992. Video: A 5-month-old pug had swallowed a screw 3 weeks ago. X-ray review
991. Video: A hamster has white eye spot and hairless eyelids
990. Video: The Chow Chow puppy has entropion
989. Video: A Schnauzer had aural haematoma surgery Pt 3
988. Video: Post-operation advices on nursing of aural haematoma Pt 2
987. Video: A X-bred and a Miniature Schnauzer have swollen ears (aural haematomas) Pt 1
986. Video: A Jack Russell trembles continuously for the past 3 days Pt 2
985. Video; A female Jack Russell shivers continuously for 3 days (poisoning) Pt 1
984. Video: A terrapin has swollen eyes and anorexia for 2 months
983. Video: A Roborovski has skin disease after fighting
982A. Blog: 8 Corgi puppies die before 4 days old
982. Video: The Corgi goes home after Caesarean section
981. Video: A Corgi had uterine inertia (8 puppies delivered by Caesarean section) review
980. Video: Ice-cream joint for the young Singaporeans at 313 Somerset shopping mall
979. Video: The pregnant Corgi is given Calcium and IV drip
978. Video: A young 57th-day pregnant Corgi has not eaten for the past 4 days Pt 1
977. Video: Jugular vein blood collection in a dog
976. Video: Hamster's leg wart surgery (edited) Pt 3
975. Video: Hamster's leg warts excised Pt 2
974. Video: How Toa Payoh Vets remove leg warts from a dwarf hamster (process) Pt 1
973. Eco shrimps - affordable educational resource for teachers - eoc-system
972. Educational Video: How to treat very smelly Labradoodle ears
971. Video: A large-sized 8-year-old French Bulldog from Japan has ear infections and teeth tartar
970. Video: Overgrown front teeth in a rabbit. What to do?
969. Video: Chihuahua flank hair loss. Sex hormone dermatosis? Pt 2
968. Video: A 5-year-old not spayed female chihuahua has flank hair loss Pt 1
967. Video: Two ravenous terrapins eating 90 pellets per day to 4 pellets per day after shrimp feeding
966. Video: Non-surgical reduction of the hip jooint Pt 2
965. Video: A 9-year-old Schnauzer dislocates his right hip joint Pt 1
964. Video: Singapore's Ion Orchard Mall's entrepreneurs on a Saturday evening
963. Video: Bony lump is X-rayed Pt 4
962. Video: Examination of the bony lump Pt 3
961. Video: The Jack Russell bites when his lump is touched Pt 2
960. Video: A 5-year-old Jack Russell has a bony lump on the lower right jaw Pt 1
959. Video: A 4-month-old terrapin has breathing difficulty
958. Video: An abandoned hamster walks with difficulty as he has a swollen abdomen. Pt 2
957. Video: An abandoned dwarf hamster has a swollen abdomen Pt 1
956. Video: An 11-year-old Bichon X became deaf one month ago
955. Video: This 16-month-old Pug has itchy face, ears and paws and is on hypo-allergic diet
954. Video: Haze in Potong Pasir, Singapore
953. Video: Breakfast with grandpa, Singapore
952. Video: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3
951. Video: Travel stories: Serbia border crossing
950. Video: Travel stories: Sun sets in Serbia-Croatia border crossing
949. Video: Travel stories: Queen Astoria Design Hotel, Belgrade, dinner
948. Video: Travel stories: Belgrade downtown after dinner

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