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12 April, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
291. Video: A stray cat is paralysed Pt 2
290. Video: A stray kitten is paralysed Pt 1
289. Video: How to check a painful paw - Myanmarese
288.Video: How a vet check a painful paw Pt 2
287. Video: Left front paw painful Pt 1
286. Video; No hind paw pain sensation in the Cockerpoo Pt 2
285. Video: A runaway Cockerpoo is paralysed
283. Video: 2nd in-patient treatment for cat with kidney diseases - going home
282. Video: An adopted puppy has tick fever
281. Video: Hypersexuality in a male Maltese
280. Video: Remembering Lee Kuan Yew by Dr Sing Kong Yuen
279. A cat in Yangon has pus in the uterus - pyometra
7-year-old Pom. Non-stop coughing. Compare to the other 2 dogs
1-year-old Pom. Non-stop panting. Coughs blood
6-year-old Chihuahua. Normal heart and lungs
7-year-old Pom. Non-stop coughing. Compare to the other 2 dogs.
1-year-old Pom. Non-stop panting. Coughs blood
6-year-old Chihuahua. Normal heart and lungs
278C. Video: The Pom no longer coughs Pt 2
278B. Video: The Pom coughs and coughs Pt 2
278A. Video: A Pom coughs non-stop Pt 1
278. Blog: A Pom coughs day and night
277. Video: A cross-bred after toe lump removal Pt 2
276. Video: A male dog has a large toe lump Pt 1
275. Final Video: The Schnauzer ate chocolates - poisoning.
274. Video: A 10-year-old Beagle pants non-stop (bloat)
273. Video: A rabbit has less head tilt 2 days in-patient
272. Video: 2 days after a rabbit's head tilt treatment
271. Video: A rabbit has head tilt, red sclera and ear pain on the left side
270. Video: A 1-year-old rabbit tilts his head for one week and keeps rolling
269. Video: A young pug has folliculitis - skin tests
268. Blog: A pug has folliculitis
267. Video: Loose neck skin lump
266. Video: An older terrapin has loose neck and thigh skin
265. Video: A 12-year-old terrapin has loose neck and thigh skin
264. The 2-month-old guinea pig has scabs
263. Video: A young guinea pig has left lower eyelid scabs and hair loss.
262. Video: A 1-year-old guinea pig has pus in the nostril Pt 3
261. Video: A young guinea pig has recovered from respiration infection Pt 2
260. Video: A guinea pig recovers from upper respiratory infection Pt 1
258.Video: Foul smelly pus-filled ears of a Cocker Spaniel
257. Video: How to give a tablet to the cat?
256. Video: The Fancy Rat has respiratory infection Pt 2
255. Video: The Fancy Rat breathes fast Pt 1
254. Video: The hamster has ventral dermatitis Pt 2
253. Video: The hamster has itchy lower body Pt 1
252. Video: The 14-year-old dog has heart, kidney and liver diseases
251. Video: Ion Orchard Mall scene on a Saturday
250. Video: A 7-year-old Corgi has ventral dermatitis, itchy paws and muzzle. Still has ringworm
249. Video: Two guinea pigs have upper respiratory tract infection Pt 1
248. Video: The Pom stops coughing when carried Pt 2
247. Video: A 10-year-old Pom coughs non-stop Pt 1
246. Video: Anal sac impaction in 2 young Beagles
245. Video: How to toilet-train a puppy in an apartment
244. Video: A Sheltie has pyometra and ticks
243. Video: A Jack Russell has itchy backside, ears and body
242. Video: A 4-year-old cross-bred has cherry eye
241. Video: Swollen vulval lips 10X Pt 2
240. Video: A 4-year-old Shih Tzu has pyometra, vaginitis or hyper-estrogenism. Pt 1
239. Video: Successful surgical outcome Pt 3
238. Video: Blood test result of Schnauzer Pt 2
237. Video: A 7-year-old Miniature Schnauzer survives pyometra surgery Pt 1
236. Video: Blossoming water lilies and work-life balance
235. Video: Urticaria in a dog - Myanmarese
234. Video: Urticaria in a beagle
233. Video: 2 days after 3 enlarged right lymph nodes were excised
232. Video: Metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lymph nodes
231. Video: No more drooling after surgery
230. Training video: Myanmarese. Diagnosis of salivation Pt 4
229. Training video: Diagnosis of salivation in a dog Pt 3
228. Video: A dog drools for over 2 weeks Pt 2
227. Video: A dog drools from the right jaw Pt 1
226. Video: X-rays of the salivating dog Pt 2
225. Video: An dog drools from the right jaw Pt 3.
224.Video: An old dog salivates on the right side Pt 1
223. Video: A cat recovers from kidney failure Pt 2
222. Video: A cat recovers from kidney failure Pt 1
221. Video: No pork in prescription kidney food
220. Blog: FLUTD nephritis in a young cat
219. Video: X-ray interpretation of swollen kidneys Pt 3
218. Video: X-rays show much enlarged kidneys Pt 2
217. A young male cat is not able to walk Pt 1
216. Video: Leather dog muzzles for sale at Toa Payoh Vets
215. Singapore & veterinary educational digital pictures for sale
214. Video: An 8-month-old female pug has pimples
213A. Video: Eyelid abscess recurred Pt 3
213. Video: Eyelid abscess lanced and drained Pt 2
212. Video: Two old hamsters had eye and flank abscesses and one has an ear full of warts Pt 1
211. Video: Young Singaporeans in costumes
210. Video: Dachshund ear irrigation Pt 4
209. Video: Paw pad lump electro-excised Pt 3
208. Video: Dachshund has itchy rashes & pad Pt 2
207. Video: Review. Dachshund one month later Pt 1
124. Final Video: An itchy Dachshund has black spots
206. Video: Handing over a spayed dog
205. Video. Cat's abscess lanced and drained. Pt 2
204. Video: A cat has a large facial abscess Pt 1
203. Video: How to treat a stitch breakdown - Myanmar language. Pt 4
202A. Video: How to treat a hamster's stitch-breakdown wound?
202. Video: How to treat a stitch breakdown Pt 3
201. Video: Bandage is not practical for hamster Pt 2
200. Video: Stitch breakdown - dwarf hamster Pt 1

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