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07 February, 2016
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Clinical Research - Dogs 
Dog Cases - Caesarean Sections
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1117. Video: Visit to French bulldog puppies in breeder farm
1116. Video: Follow up visit to breeder to check on Pomeranian, Maltese and Dachshund dams and puppies.
1099. Video: A pregnant Corgi has kidney failure Pt 2
1098. Video: A pregnant Corgi has kidney failure Pt 1
1097. Video: 4/7 pups survived Pt 3
1096. Video: Gas & IV drip for the French Bulldog Pt 2
1095. Video: A French Bulldog had a Caesarean section Pt 1
1120. Final Video: A 54th-day pregnant Pomeranian gave birth naturally after Theracalcium IV
1089. Video: Going back to breeder farm after IV drip installed Pt 5
1088. Video: Prepare dog for going home Pt 4
1087. Video: Calcium IV and drip set for relapse Pt 3
1086. Video: Calcium IV for pregnant Pom Pt 2
1085. Video: A 54th-day pregnant Pom collapsed Pt 1
5.  Final Video: Reviving stressed puppies after Caesearean section
4. Final Video: Emergency Caesaean Section
3.  2015 Final Video: A poodle has a 2nd Caesarean Section
2.  2015 Final Poodle puppies one day old after the 2nd Caesarean Section
1.  Video: Caesarean section poodle 64th day
Caesarean sections for dog breeders in Singapore
Timely Caesarean delivery saved all 2 big mini-malteses Singapore chihuahua 60th day. 6 vigorous puppies. Mouth moving inside amniotic sac.
Caesarean Section: Interesting cases from Dr Sing Caesarean sections - Chihuahua & Others
Jack Russell had 4th pup stuck with one hand out.
Chihuahua can't give birth normally 2004 Caesarean Sections
4 hours delay is too late to save 4th Persian kitten (right). Perineal swelling in a pregnant Jack Russell mother. 6 vigorous pups. Toa Payoh Vet
More Breeder Caesarean Sections including a cat A Jack Russell Caesarean Section
Previous Caesarean day-time. What to do now, past midnight? Happy Shih Tzu mother with 7 vigorous puppies 10 min after Caesarean, Toa Payoh Vets
Yorkshire Terrier & Other Caesarean Sections Very large litters in a Shih Tzu & Other Caesarean Sections
Singapore Chihuahua Caesarian delivery - Toa Payoh Vets 5 Schnauzer pups would have died if there was another hour of delay to seek Caesarean delivery.
2003 Caesarean Sections 2004 Caesarean Sections including Miniature Schnauzer
Bitch in distress. Temp rising past 38.5 deg C. Caesarean. Toa Payoh Vets
54th day Chihuahua High fever when she is about to give birth
Some more 2004            Caesarean section cases More 2004 cases
  Chihuahua has false pregnancy, Singapore, Toa Payoh Vets.
  False Pregnancy
Jan 13 04 Toa Payoh Industrial shop explosion Miniature Schnauzer - emergency Caesarean
An explosive Caesarean section
Various cases of Caesarean sections in 2004
A healthy and vigorous pup moving its mouth inside the amniotic sac, Singapore maltese, Toa Payoh Vets Caesarean section.
More Caesarean sections in 2005 Water bag & various Caesarean sections
Pomeranian single pup Caesarian section, Singapore Bull terrier puppy head stuck in the vulva. Toa Payoh Vets emergency Caesarean.
A Single Pup Syndrome - Elective Caesarean Sections A Bull Terrier Can't Give Birth
Maltese bitch with very faint or no scar 6 weeks after Caesarean secton.
A Chihuahua's 2nd Caesarean Section A Maltese Caesarean Section
Chocolate chihuahuas for export sale in Dec 24 2003, 9668-6468
A breeder's favourite Chihuahua Oxytocin injection and wait or an elective Caesarean section?
Oxytocin injection released milk to pups. Toa Payoh Vets
Stitch Abscesses A Miniature Schnauzer breeder
Chihuahua puppy for sale, Apr 23 2003  Singapore Emergecny Caesarean Section, dystocia, large head of 3rd pup. Toa Payoh Vets
Oct 2004. One of Dr Sing's first Caesarean pictures Chihuahuas need Emergency Caesarean section when there is dystocia.
Caesarean Section For Home Breeders
Chihuahua, 2nd pregnancy. Uterine Inertia. Caesarean Section. Toa Payoh Vets.
Behaviour: Post-partum depression in a Chihuahua? Tip For Home-breeders: How to revive a distressed pup?
Caesarean section scar Chihuahua on 21st day. Toa Payoh Vets
How to be a successful home-breeder of small breeds - 2 case studies of a poodle and a chihuahua Overdue at 70th day
Teach first-timers what to do after Caesarean. Toa Payoh Vets public holiday emergency caesarean section poodle water bag, no pups, distressed, too long wait. toapayohvets, singapore
breeder, singapore, maltese, 2nd litter, toapayohvets, water bag burst, no pups  
One caesarean section done by Dr Sing in 2007 and 2 done in 2011
Other Interesting Case Studies
1. Overview of puppy toilet training in Singapore
2. Dr Sing's Chihuahua Caesarean sections in 2003
3. A home-breeder's overdue Chihuahua
4. Dr Sing's Chihuahua Caesarean sections in 2003
5. Dr Sing's Chihuahua Caesarean sections in 2003
6. Dr Sing's Caesarean pictures in 2004
7. How to paper-train your puppy
8. Toxic Chihuahua
9. Elective Caesarean sections for Chihuahuas
10. Chihuahua Caesareans in 2004
11. Dr Sing's Caesarean sections in 2004
12. Export sales of Singapore puppies
13. A Bull Terrier Caesarean section
14. A Jack Russell Caesarean Section
15. Herniated large intestines in a Chihuahua puppy
16. 56th day Caesarean Section of a Chihuahua
17. Distemper and parvoviral outbreaks in a breeding kennel
18. 2003 pictures of puppies and dogs
19. 2004 pictures of puppies and dogs
20. 2003 pictures of puppies
21. Daddy's Beagle surprise for the PSLE girl
22. 2004 pictures of puppies
23. Rigor mortis in a puppy
24. Puppy abuse in Singapore
25. 2003 cases
26. Last-minute Caesarean section

27. Blog: A breeder who does not care about the owner's interest

Dog Cases - Caesarean Sections
For other cases, goto: Dogs

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